Continuing Education


 Myofascial Release 1 with John Barnes, PT, 2015


Advanced Orthopedic Massage Training

-Lower body Orthomassage Seminar with James Waslaski, 2014


Medical Massage Therapy V, Lower Extremity Pain and Dysfunction, 2013


Medical Massage Therapy II, Upper Extremity Pain and Dysfunction, 2013


Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians, 2012


Medical Massage Therapy III, Thoracic Spine & Torso Pain and Dysfunction, 2011


Medical Massage Therapy IV, Lumbar Spine & Hip Dysfunction, 2010


Medical Massage Therapy I, Cervical Spine Pain & Dysfunction, 2009


Jin Shin DoAcupressure Facial, 2008


Orthopedic Massage of Lower Extremities, Shoulder and Arm, 2005


Myofascial Approaches for Head, Neck and Upper Back, 2003


Onsen Technique, Volume I, 2002


Infant Massage and Communication Teacher Training, 2001


Cranio-Sacral Therapy, 2000


St. John’s method of Neuromuscular Therapy levels I, II, III, IV and V, 1995-2000


Aveda Spa Training: Body Polish, Salt Glow, Eye Zone Wrap and Mini Facials, 1996


The Uppleger Institute: Cranio Sacral Therapy I, 1996, Zero Balancing, 1995


CCMT: Neurology 50 hours, Acupressure 105 hours, 1995-1996


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